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coral district - mars settlement

i am happy to share with you that my project 'coral pod' gained recognition in the charette - alternate realities 3 mars homes competition
coral pod the 1st prize winner

the coral pod is an inflatable module of mars habitat, which is designed to
grow and live with its inhabitants in the foreign world.
shapes of coral pods’ inflatable parts are based on the metaball system, which can
be changeable due to the situation. the interior is reconfigurable because of the module
system and adjusted after full inflation.
thanks to the habitat’s dimensions [7x4m], spacex’s starship rocket can transport
two coral pods simultaneously. after successful deployment, the coral pod begins
to inflate.

coral pod habitat can host up to four people and grants six rooms connected
via a ‘green’ corridor with an airlock system. default settings of habitat’s room are:
- kitchen & auditorium - main meeting area where inhabitants can enjoy their
time together through conversations or small parties, it is equipped with a kitchen
modules, and small greenery;
- medical unit - equipped with a medical chair and mobile robotic arms, it is predicted
to have one PC and sample equipment for scientific work;
- gym - a small room with fitness equipment since it is very important to keep
muscles strong as an astronaut;
- crew quarters - big room divided into five smaller sections, four private rooms
equipped with personal storage, bed, and private PC, one hygiene unit with a toilet
and shower, the project predicts that the water filtration system will be based
on mycelium bacteria;
- workspace - medium unit with four PCs and a meeting table, can be used as
mission center;
- lab - small unit equipped with two PCs and scientific equipment such as scopes,
probes, etc., it also contains a green pillar for scientific samples.
all six rooms are connected via the main corridor which is also used as the habitat’s main greenery.
the corridor ends with a ‘slot’, it can be used to attach robotic arms for exterior scientific work, additional spacesuit ports, or another coral pod.

every room in the coral pod habitat is protected from mars’ harsh environment by an
inflatable structure filled with cyanobacteria mixed with water. water is proven protection from radiation and in this case, it helps cyanobacteria in photosynthesis.
thanks to cyanobacteria it is possible to grow an inner bio-layer of the habitat made from
mycelium as it feeds mycelia bacteria. besides being an additional protection layer,
mycelium helps to regulate humidity levels in the habitat.
design predicted an additional ‘exterior’ layer which is a combination of martian soil and water. due to temperatures on mars, water can become an exterior icy shell
containing on-site material. with an internal feeder like cyanobacteria there is a chance of creating living elevation. i believe that one day humankind will be able to grow martian fungi to sustain its future ecosystem.